Deutsche Bank

Non-Financial Report 2017

People Survey

We regularly run a global Spotlight People Survey to measure commitment and enablement among its workforce.

In 2017, all employees (excluding Postbank) were invited to participate in the online survey, which we conducted from the end of April to the mid of May. We saw a 44% response rate (2016: 47% of those questioned, with only a representative, random sample of around 20% of our workforce surveyed). Based on a five-point Likert scale, the survey showed that commitment, comprising five questions, remained largely stable (57% vs. 58% in 2016), as did enablement, comprising four questions (62% for both years)**.

Employees feel that good progress is being made to create a safer and better-run Deutsche Bank:

  • Employees were more positive about their direct managers: More people cite that poor performance and misconduct were adequately addressed. Employees also affirmed that they receive regular and clear feedback, and that they feel supported with their development.
  • In 2017, there was also improvement in how employees experience their work environment with people welcoming improvements in open and honest communication and the freedom to share their views. Employees also perceive significant improvements in their day-to-day work, feel better enabled to manage risks, and have a deeper understanding of how their job contributes to Deutsche Bank’s strategy.

Employees identified areas that require further attention:

  • Among the most important aspects were: Trust and confidence in senior leaders’ skills to effectively navigate the bank through change, specifically concerning their ability to manage change and translate words into action. Approximately a third of employees take a wait-and-see-approach to handling change, suggesting that continuous communication and employee engagement is needed.
  • Better support: Employees feel they need more collaboration and quicker decision-making in their day-to-day work.

At Postbank, the annual employee survey was held between September 4 and 22, 2017. With a participation rate of 71%, more employees than ever before took part (2016: 67%). Employees were surveyed on the following nine topics: identification, leadership, customer orientation, business success/targets, productivity and efficiency, vision and mission, ability to change, communication, and digital transformation (new). The approval rates increased for all nine topics.

** The questions on commitment with regard to Deutsche Bank’s values were revised; statements on trends are therefore merely indicative.