Deutsche Bank

Non-Financial Report 2017


While achieving cultural outcomes is the responsibility of all employees, the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has overall responsibility.

Each Management Board member is accountable in his or her division or function, with the Executive Committees (ExCo) responsible for developing and implementing culture-related initiatives. To ensure accountability and appropriate senior management focus, culture related initiatives planned by each division or function are owned at the ExCo level.

The Culture Integrity & Conduct (CIC) working group, chaired by the CEO and comprising Management Board nominated representatives from each division and function, serves as a central coordination and alignment function, ensuring culture activities pursued in each area align with our global vision for culture. The CIC meets at least six times a year and focuses on culture activities that reinforce desirable behaviors and that discourage undesirable ones. The group also has the remit of sharing best practices and challenging culture-related plans and ideas presented at the forum.

In addition to the CIC, the Conduct & Integrity (C&I) Council provides oversight, leadership, and Group-wide coordination of conduct and integrity-related initiatives, including regular updates to the CIC.