Deutsche Bank

Non-Financial Report 2017

Definition and Goals

At Deutsche Bank, we are guided by our values of Integrity, Sustainable Performance, Client Centricity, Innovation, Discipline and Partnership which are enshrined in our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. The code sets out the standards of conduct to which all of us are expected to adhere to.

Furthermore, the Management Board has identified four desired cultural outcomes:

  • Active & visible leadership: aligning tone from the top with leadership action
  • Empowering & effective managers: empowering managers to encourage personal development while achieving team goals
  • Inspired & productive people: fostering people practices and processes that lead to an engaged and diverse organization
  • Responsible & sustainable business practices: selectively growing our business with effective controls and risk limits

All culture-related activity across the Group contribute to these outcomes and Postbank will further align in 2018.

Achieving these outcomes is critical to realizing our strategic objectives to become simpler and more efficient, less risky, better capitalized, and better run with more disciplined execution. Continued emphasis on embedding our desired culture and driving appropriate conduct remains a key priority for all stakeholders, including senior management, employees, clients, shareholders, and regulators.

While we are aware that culture is difficult to measure, to maintain momentum, we are in the process of developing a dashboard of metrics from various sources across the bank to indicate progress against central standards. These metrics will cover qualitative data, such as results of the People Survey, as well as more quantitative measures currently tracked and governed as part of human resources (HR), risk, communications and compliance processes.