Deutsche Bank

Non-Financial Report 2017

Corporate Profile

»Simultaneous with the capital increase we also announced a realignment of our business divisions:

  • We have formed an integrated Corporate & Investment Bank focused especially on international corporates. It has a leading position in Europe and a global network.
  • We are in the process of creating by far the largest private and commercial bank in Germany with more than 20 million clients – a clear commitment to our home market. Key to this was our reversing the decision made in spring 2015 to sell Postbank. Economies of scale are becoming increasingly important – especially in the light of digitalisation. Over 11 million clients are already using our digital offerings. In future we will have two brands – but with one legal entity, one IT system and a single management team. The integration is making progress as planned. […]
  • Our Asset Management business is well on the way to regaining its previous strength – supported by the prospect of greater autonomy that is already generating new impetus. In the course of the upcoming IPO the entire Asset Management business worldwide will be rebranded as DWS. This, too, represents a commitment to our home market and our roots.«

John Cryan’s speech at the Annual Media Conference, February 2, 2018

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