Our People and Society

Embedding cultural change, promoting volunteering, extending corporate citizenship activities

Gülabatin Sun, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt (photo)

»Boosting the innovative potential of our diverse staff through inclusive leadership supports our strategic objectives of competing at the highest levels globally and understanding our client and stakeholder needs.«

Gülabatin Sun, Frankfurt am Main
Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Deutsche Bank AG.

Deutsche Bank’s Head Office is located in Frankfurt am Main, the most important financial center in Continental Europe. About 10,400 people from 75 nations are based here.

Fostering change

We have continued to embed our values and beliefs into our business by combining responsibility with a culture of performance, which we expect employees to apply in their everyday work. In 2014, we integrated cultural and control elements more comprehensively into compensation systems.

We also encourage our people to volunteer, focusing increasingly on skills and knowledge. In 2014, Deutsche Bank mentors, coaches or consultants offered over 62,500 hours of skills-based volunteering around the world.

Our Corporate Citizenship programs extend the Bank’s contribution to society beyond our business activities in many ways. After the successful launch in the UK in 2013, the Born to Be program, which tackles youth unemployment, was further rolled out in Asia, the US, South Africa, Germany and Europe in 2014.


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