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Managing non-financial risks, enhancing control processes, fostering awareness

Andrew Reid, Global Head of Operational Risk Management, Deutsche Bank, London (photo)

»In Risk Management, we help our business identify and manage risks effectively – including environmental and social risks. We have strengthened processes to ensure that we are serving our clients while protecting the Bank.«

Andrew Reid, London
Global Head of Operational Risk Management, Deutsche Bank

Operational Risk Management is one of the core functions within Deutsche Bank’s Risk division. The Risk division employs nearly 3,500 people globally.

Integrating cultural change

The culture we are building demands integrity, and we expect everyone at Deutsche Bank to live up to high ethical standards; to protect our clients and the bank. To do so employees are our first line of defense. In 2014, we enhanced accountability and controls, we continued to build up the House of Governance and strengthened our Three Lines of Defense program. Clear responsibilities and strict controls help our employees comply with legal and regulatory standards and our internal guidelines. They also support management of risks inherent to our business, including those that have an impact on the environment and society.


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