How we see responsibility

Through our economic success and competitive international presence, we create value for our shareholders, our clients, our employees and society at large while upholding stringent environmental and social norms to support a sustainable future.

Applying high standards of ethics and integrity, we strive to be a reliable partner to our stakeholders at all times. We also engage in open dialog with the public in order to foster understanding on topics of mutual interest.

To continuously improve our environmental performance, we seek to use resources efficiently and to utilize the most environmentally friendly technologies.

We value the diversity of our employees. We support their talents and offer an attractive work environment that provides for the best possible work-life balance.

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond our core business. Therefore, we invest in the societies in which we operate – and thus in our own future. We build social capital by supporting talents to reach their full potential and by enabling communities and economies to prosper. Employee engagement and public advocacy maximize our impact.

This is how we combine our performance culture with a culture of responsibility.

Corporate annual reporting

The Corporate Responsibility Report is part of Deutsche Bank’s annual reporting publications presenting the Bank’s performance and initiatives in 2014. It complements the Annual Report and Human Resources Report and focuses on how we provide value for our stakeholders: shareholders, clients, employees and society – and describes how we are making our business more sustainable.


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